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Pirate or Princess? Choose Your Side!

A Little Context

The Festival of Pirates and Princesses made its debut in 2018 in the Spring season at Disneyland Paris, many fans were very skeptical before its launch as it was replacing the fan favourite Swing Into Spring Season coupled with confirmation that the season would be reusing old floats from Magic on Parade a lot of fans really weren’t sure what to make of it all.

Then we were introduced to Betty Rose and Jimmy Ocean in a series of videos released by Disneyland Paris on YouTube in which we were taught two different dances. Betty and Jimmy were brand new characters and we instantly fell in love them. Betty as an expert on all things princess heads up Team Princess with Mickey and the Disney Princesses and Jimmy, a swash buckling pirate heads up Team Pirate with Minnie, Hook, Mr Smee, Peter, Wendy and Jake The Neverland Pirate.

Then the day came the music started and the parade floats rolled down Main Street and Fantasyland stopping at the Castle Stage and half way down Main Street for the first show stop.

The Return

Fans had heard that Pirates and Princesses was actually just meant to be only a one off season to fill in the gap they had in spring and wasn’t meant to return but the satisfaction was so high and there was so much love for Betty and Jimmy that the higher ups were scrambling to work out how to bring the season back. This sounds like it should be simple just put it back on same time same place but there’s was just a slight problem, the calendar for 2019 was already set. So the decision was made to run in Pirates and Princesses from January to March in Disneyland Park while Legends of The Force runs in Walt Disney Studios. This was not the ideal time to run the season due to the risk of the weather but it really was the only time it could be fit in.

But before Betty and Jimmy came back for round two of Pirates and Princesses they make a special guest appearance in the Surprise Mickey show at Walt Disney Studios Park as part of the Mickey90 celebrations taking at the resort helping Minnie prepare Mickey’s birthday surprise. Disneyland Paris have stated that Betty and Jimmy are here to stay and will be returning again even after Pirates and Princesses.

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Marvel: Season of Super Heroes returns to Disneyland Paris

Marvel is back at The Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris but this time it’s taken the spring slot instead of summer. The season brings back much of what was offer last year including the Marvel: Super Hero’s United stage stage in the Studio Theatre and the Stark Expo on the outdoor stage in Production Courtyard as well as meet and greets with Marvel characters and the return of the marvel character statues but Disneyland Paris seem to have listen to the criticism from last year and improved everything about the season.

The Shows

Marvel: Super Hero’s United returns in the Studio Theatre and whilst the show follows the same plot as last year with Thanos manipulating the avengers to fight against each other many of the special effects that were the cause of so many issues last year have been improved or simplified to improve reliability. Lighting thought-out the theatre has been generally improved and now in the final battle scene each avenger has their own segment of fighting giving them a chance in the spot light.

Star Expo: Make Way For A Better Tomorrow has had the most radical change with almost a whole new plot involving Red Skull and Hydra with Loki attempting to steal the Arc Reactor from Black Widow, Spiderman and Thor and almost succeeding until Captain Marvel shows up.

Guardians of The Galaxy: Awesome Dance-Off! returns this year with pretty much everything the same as last year with with Peter Quill needing the help of guest to dance their way out of a bind to classic pop/funk/soul music. This year however a special care package has been sent to help in the form of Groot.

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Disneyland Paris will Host 2 Soiree’s for Halloween 2019

It’s news that fans have been longing for Disneyland Paris will finally host multiple Halloween Soiree’s starting this year.

Saturday 26th October and Thursday 31st October.

Previously Disneyland Paris has only ever hosted the Halloween Soiree on halloween night leading to high demand for the event and hotels and us fans have been longing for multiple events throughout the Halloween season the give us more options and to hopefully break up the crowd on what is always a very busy evening. We’re still quite away from Disneyland (which hosted 15 parties in 2018) and Walt Disney World (which hosted 36 parties in 2018) but a 50% increase is a good start.

The Halloween Soiree’s at Disneyland Paris are a fantastic way to enjoy the park in a totally unique way in and to get really immersed in the season of Halloween. The soiree’s are from 8pm to 2am and typically offer a slew of special entertainment only found on the night including a Halloween parade, shows such as it’s Good To Be Bad, character meets and greets, attractions with very little wait times as well as well as various dance parties and the chance to dress up in costumes.

Tickets for the Soiree’s are available to book now as part of a package stay and individual tickets will be available to book later in the year.