About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Matt and I decided to create this blog/website to share my thoughts, opinions and ideas on Disneyland Paris and other Theme Parks. I will also post some of my Trip Reports as well as other bits and bobs that I find interesting too.

In my day to day job I am a Sound and Lighting Technician at a local Music Centre and my dream job would be to do this at one of the Disney properties ideally Paris (Maybe one of the techs for Disney Dreams).

When Did I First Visit Disneyland Paris?

I first visited in 1996 when I was about 8, I only have vague memories but things that I do remember are going on Big Thunder Mountain, It’s A Small World’s clock and waiting for what seemed like hours for Pirates of The Caribbean and Star Tours.

What’s My Favourite Attraction?

Space Mountain, when it was De La Terre A La Lune, unfortunately Mission 2 and now Hyperspace Mountain is only a shadow of its form self but I do still enjoy it.

Space Mountain: De La Terre A La Lune for me, highlighted just the sheer amount of detail and creativity that Walt Disney Imagineering puts into their attractions.  It also saved Disneyland Paris from going under!