1 Year On from The Walt Disney Studios Expansion Announcement

It’s been exactly one year since The Walt Disney Company announced the massive €2 billion investment in Disneyland Paris to expand the Walt Disney Studios Park with Marvel, Star Wars and Frozen as well as building a massive Lake and place making around studios.

What’s happened so far?

Not very much visible work has taken place so far but theres been lots happening behind the scenes including permit filings, consultations with the public some land clearing behind the studios and most probably lots and lots of planning and tweaking designs in the offices of WDI. This is such a massive project that things will take time and will be even further complicated due to things like language barriers and French building regulations which drastically differ from American standards.

Since the original concept art Disney have released a few concept images and some information of the upcoming attractions going into Marvel Land which are all looking very promising so far.

So far we know that Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster will be closing to make way for an Iron Man Rollercoaster and Armageddon will be closing to make way for a Spider Man attraction. The fate of the stunt show isn’t clear at the moment but my guess is that it will be repurposed into a Marvel stunt show.

What’s Next?

Visible construction should be starting soon on phase 1 which is Marvel Land with Armageddon and Disney Junior Live on stage set to close permanently on 1st April then in early September Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster will be going silent to be transformed into the new Iron Man rollercoaster.

No news as of yet on the construction of Star Wars and Frozen attractions and the lake but these should begin construction following on from Marvel land which is expected to open in 2021.