Great ways to stay cool this summer at Disneyland Paris

Thanks to @CafeFantasia for inspiring to write this article, at first it was just going to be a list of places with Air Conditioning at Disneyland Paris but I’ve turned it into a list of ways I’ve cooled down at Disneyland Paris in the summer months.

Summer is now definitely here and along with the crowds, this summer has brought some very high temperatures which can result in some very long and hot days to be spending at Disneyland Paris.

Keeping cool is very important so here are a few great ways to stay cool this summer at Disneyland Paris.

1. Attractions with great Air Conditioning

Although most attractions at Disneyland Paris do have air con, some are definitely better then others. My top pick for this is Star Tours, It’s only been just over a year since it was updated to Star Tours – L’Aventure Continue and I’m guessing it’s had either a brand new or refurbished AC as it’s as cool as a fridge in there, as long as the queue isn’t backed up all the way outside it’s a great place to cool off!

Another attraction with great AC is Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, not as cool as Star Tours but still has good AC once you get inside, though since this attraction is very popular especially with families with young children the queue can soon build up and the extended queue for this attraction is outside in direct sunlight.

2. Explore The Caves Around Adventure Isle

The caves around Adventure Isle has recently been refurbished and all have great AC to make them nice and cool and are out of the sunlight. The caves are a great way to cool down and really fun to explore the different passage ways and find the hidden treasures that lie below. The waterfalls around the caves can offer a light mist spray to help cool off as well.

Just watch your step as going straight in from direct sunlight you may struggle to see where you’re going until your eyes adjust.

3. Go for a swim at a hotel

This one obviously depends on if your hotel has a swimming pool or if you’re staying at a hotel at all! Sequoia Lodge, Hotel New York, Newport Bay Club, Disneyland Hotel and Davy Crockett Ranch all have swimming pools and a select few of the offsite hotels also have swimming pools too. Since the parks are open until 11PM during the summer months it might be a good idea to get away from the parks for a few hours to cool off in the pools while still having plenty of the time in the parks.

If you’re an Infinity Pass holder then you can book to use the onsite swimming pools the day before, I believe the Disneyland Hotel pool is excluded from this. I’m yet to try this so if you have let me know your experience of it.

4. Watch a show

Over at the Walt Disney Studios Park, the two large buildings either side of Studio 1, named Studio 2 and Studio 3 both contain shows, Marvel Super Heroes Unite in Studio 2 (Studio Theatre) and Mickey and The Magician in Studio 3 (Animagique Theatre). Both these Studio buildings are fully Air Conditioned and kept nice and cool.

Getting into the shows may be a little difficult though, the Marvel show is brand new and almost all the shows have been at capacity with guests beginning to queue sometimes 2 hours before hand. Mickey and the Magician, while still very popular is a lot easier to get into, if you aren’t too fussed about having a great seat then you can easily walk up 5/10 minutes before hand and usually get into the show, cool down and watch a truly fantastic show!

5. Visit the walkthrough attractions

Disneyland Paris has some truly unique attractions and two great ones are Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin and Les Mystères du Nautilus and guess what?! They both have fantastic Air Conditioning! The Aladdin walkthrough located at the entrance to Adventureland tells the story of Disney’s Aladdin though a series of sets. The Nautilus walkthrough, located in Discoveryland lets guests enter into Captain Nemo’s famous Nautilus Submarine created with the help of Nautilus expert Imagineer Tom Sherman and his last attraction he worked on before he passed away. The Nautilus is exceptionally detailed and a personal favourite of mine, probably not very exciting for young children though.

Not as chilled but still a great way to get out of the sun is to visit La Taniere du Dragon underneath Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant one of the largest and most impressive animatronics Disney has ever created.

6. Grab a milkshake at Victorias 

Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant has been sat empty for years but last month saw its grand reopening as a Milkshake bar. They serve a great selection of drinks and a fan favourite now is the home made ice tea with a different flavour every day. Check out the menu below!

You can choose to sit inside or there is also outdoor seating in the shade just near the hub set aside for Victoria’s which has a great view of Sleeping Beauty Castle while you enjoy a cool drink.

7. Do some shopping

Get out of the sunshine and pick up some fantastic souvenirs on Main Street USA, Disneyland Paris’s Main Street has a great variety of different shops from The Emporium to Main Street Motors selling a huge range of items such as plushies, pins, home wear, clothing, artwork, toys and much much more! The great thing about Main Street at Disneyland Paris is that behind both sides of the street are the arcades, Discovery Arcade and Liberty Arcade, designed as a bypass for main street when the parade is on or when its raining etc, it also helps to get you out of the sun.

 8. Grab a Floating Pineapple Whip

Not a dole whip, Disneyland Paris’s Floating Pineapple Whip is very very similar to The Pineapple Float at Walt Disney World and just as refreshing. They are sold at the vending cart in the Agrabah area of Adventureland the Pineapple Float is a mix of pineapple juice topped with soft serve ice cream and looks and tastes great.

There’s are just some of my suggestions of great ways to cool down this summer at Disneyland Paris, let me know your’s!