Chilling Goings-on At The Hollywood Tower Hotel

A new dimension of chills have come to The Hollywood Tower Hotel as Disneyland Paris launch ‘The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – A New Dimension of Chills’.

Guests will be greeted with three brand new and unique storylines for each lift shaft with updated sound, lighting, visual effects and to top it off random drop sequences while riding the classic attraction.

Three new horrors to discover are:

The Malevolent Machine
A little ghost girl haunts this elevator. But she is the least of your worries. Because as soon as you take your seat, this malevolent machine only has one thing in mind – to trap you in its mechanical prison and clank and screech with glee as it catapults you up and plummets you down at its wicked will.
The only thing you can do is hold tight. And scream!

The Shaft Creatures
“They know you’re here. Whatever you do, don’t scream!” Some demonic creatures have control of the elevator and they’re preying on the cries of human souls – the louder your pleas for mercy, the more powerful they become. Can you stay silent while plummeting 13 unlucky floors at the speed of fright?

The 5th Dimension
Don’t get lost in this dimension! A sinister spectre has opened the 5th dimension and wants to take your soul with it. Prepare to question everything you think is real as you’re dropped into a terrifying psychedelic journey between worlds.

Disneyland Paris have released an extraordinary advert for the changes, see below. Filmed over 3 nights on location at The Walt Disney Studios Park, the advert totally sells the the attraction and the story, cinematography, sound design, editing, acting and music are all perfect.

The only question now to ask is ‘Are You Brave Enough?’


Additional Character Meets Announced for The Disney Loves Jazz Soiree

The Disney Loves Jazz Soiree is just over 4 weeks away and today some additional characters have been announced that will be meeting guests on the evening.

Returning from last year are:

  • Oswald & Ortensia
  • Tiana & Naveen
  • Louis & Dr Facilier
  • Marie, Berlioz & Toulouse

New additions to the line up this year:

  • Buzz Lightyear & Woody
  • King Louie & Baloo
  • Remy & Emile

No word yet if Mickey & Minnie, Roger Rabbit & Eddie Valiant or Edgar Balthazar will be joining the line up which would be a real shame if they didn’t as they were all stand out meets last year.

Update (17/05/19)
It has now been confirmed that Mickey & Minnie will be meeting in their formal dress and Edgar Balthazar will also be meeting guests on the evening.

As a reminded Disney Loves Jazz Soiree will take place on Saturday 15th June 2019 at The Walt Disney Studios Park from 8pm to 2am. Guests can enjoy live music at the Jazz Loves Disney in concert with internationally renowned artists including China Moses, Hugh Coltman, Thomas Dutronc, Ayo, Anne Sila & Camélia Jordana as well as several Fringe stages with live Jazz around the park throughout the night.

Several attractions will also be open for the night including:

  • Les Tapis Volants – Flying Carpets Over Agrabah,
  • Toy Soldiers Parachutes Drop
  • Ratatouille
  • Crush’s Coaster,
  • RC Racer
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

All of which enjoyed very low wait times last year.

Tickets are still available for Disney Loves Jazz Soiree from the Disneyland Paris Website or by calling 08448 008 898

If you’re an Annual Pass Holder you can enjoy 15% off for Infinity pass holders and 10% off for Magic+ holders and up to 5 tickets can be purchased with the AP discount which are available from the AP Concierge line or from in the parks by visiting City Hall or the Bureau Pass Annuel in Disneyland Park or Studios Services at The Walt Disney Studios Park.

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Phantom Manor Grand Reopening Night

Phantom Manor had its public reopening on Friday 3rd May but Disneyland Paris hosted a special after hours event for Infinity Pass Holders and Press on Tuesday 30th April to be among the first to rediscover Phantom Manor along with some special entertainment for the evening. Infinity Pass holder were invited to book tickets for the event via the Infinity Pass portal which sold out in less than 5 minutes and members of the InsideEars program and were invited and could bring a guest with them.


For the event, guests were escorted through the park into and Frontierland where they were given a copy of the Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger Newspaper and then took their places for the opening ceremony on the deck of the Molly Brown. The ceremony was hosted by the Mayor of Frontierland and his Wife, who were embodied by the current Disneyland Paris Ambassadors, who welcomed us to the night and invited us to discover the secrets of Phantom Manor. The Manor had a special lighting package installed for the night illumination the manor and its queue in vibrant greens, oranges and purples along with projection mapping on the manor.

Phantom Manor

Then the Manor was open for guest to visit.
The Phantom Manor has received some major changes to the attraction both welcome and unwelcome depending on who you ask. The Story of the attraction has completely changed with the introduction of new characters and some being removed entirely. A full run down and review of the changes will be coming soon but for now the main take aways are that the Lighting has been drastically improved throughout. The pre show and portraits are all new with the return of some of the original Vincent Price narration. The soundtrack has been altered and not in a good way however as of writing this Disney have decided to restore some of the original soundtrack back into the attraction in some scenes that were changed. Let’s hope they continue and put the soundtrack back throughout the attraction.

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