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Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster: Avec Aerosmith


Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Avec Aerosmith is a Vekoma LSM launch coaster located at Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris, France. The Rollercoaster opened with the park and is incorporated into the Backlot area of the park.

The track layout is a clone of the attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and was custom designed by WDI and Vekoma. Vekoma has since added the layout as a standard option for this model of coaster but so far have only installed it in one other park outside of the Disney Parks.

Another installation was planned for Disney California Adventure this time replacing Aerosmith with No Doubt but this project never got off the ground.

Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster continues to be the fastest Disney coaster and is still the fastest Rollercoaster in France with a top speed of 57mph.

The Story

Aerosmith and Tour De Force has leased a soundstage the Walt Disney Company where they are creating a brand new experience to enjoy there music they have come up the Soundtrackers, high speed limousines equipped with full range speaker systems that will launch guests into the massive soundstage where they have put up a ginormous lighting rig!

You’re invited into the soundstage where Tour De Force records have set up a recording studio where Aerosmith are just finishing up the music for this brand new experience. Along the way there are various music memorabilia from Tour De Forces archive.

Once your invited inside Studio C as the band are finishing up a mix of Back In The Saddle when Steven Tyler enters full of excitement having just experienced the ride and now it’s your turn! You’re ushered though a set of doors into the sound stage where various audio and lighting equipment can be seen and then strapped into the soundtrack ready to launch!

The storyline at WDS differs somewhat from its Orlando counterpart where as you’ve managed to snag some backstage tickets to the Aerosmith concert and now it’s a race though L.A. to get to the show! (Spoiler alert! Where you get backstage Aerosmith are nowhere to be seen)

The Experience

The coster sets off and moved into the launch position a large LED sign counts down along with Steven Tyler 3..2..1.. and you’re off 0 – 57mph in 2.5 seconds along the launch tunnel into the gravity building. This coster really packs a punch, you are hurtled into a half loop followed by a double corkscrew then the coaster twists and turns around the building all the while with Aerosmith tunes blasting in your ears and an extravagant light show filling your vision, more on this later. The coaster has one more corkscrew towards the end of the track before slowing down on the brake run and you exit at a different station to the one you boarded. Don’t forget to collect your ride photo!

Once you’re off make sure you head right back for another ride as Rock ’n’ Rollercoaster has 5 difference experiences for you to enjoy. Each soundtrack is loaded with a different soundtrack and each soundtrack has a different lighting show, a good way to keep track is to take a note of the number on the front of each Soundtracker 1-5 although they will rarely, if ever run all 5 trains at once.

Soundtracker 1: green lightshow theme; plays “Back In The Saddle” and “Dude Looks Like A Lady”.

Soundtracker 2: purple lightshow theme; plays “Young Lust,” “F.I.N.E.” and “Love In An Elevator.”

Soundtracker 3: multicolour lightshow theme; plays “Love In An Elevator” and “Walk This Way.”

Soundtracker 4: red/yellow lightshow theme; plays “Nine Lives.”

Soundtracker 5: blue lightshow theme; plays “Sweet Emotion (live).”

My personal favourites are Soundtracker 1 and Soundtracker 3, Soundtraker 5 is pretty good too.

The Future

The Walt Disney Company have announced as part of the Walt Disney Studios Park makeover (more on there here) that Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster will be closing in September 2019 to make way for an Iron Man themed rollercoaster and the whole Backlot area of the park will be transformed into a Marvel themed area.

What The Attraction Means To Me

Rock ’n’ Rollercoaster is one of my favourite attractions at the Disney Parks, it has a real cool factor to it and since I work in the live sound industry it’s so awesome to see things like stage lighting rigs and audio equipment used within a Rollercoaster. Also a strange little thing that makes me happy with the attraction the music used in the queue line is all music from the early 2000’s such as Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, Reef, Oasis, Linkin Park etc. the time period when I was a teenage and hearing it just makes me go back in time to that period.

I can understand the need for it to changed into a Marvel attraction, that whole area is in desperate need of rejuvenation as its so bare and baron and if done properly it could be a truly awesome experience. Also because of the use of Aerosmith music and their likeness Disney will have to pay them this and this seems to be something Disney are wanting to get away from as of recently.