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Marvel: Season of Super Heroes returns to Disneyland Paris

Marvel is back at The Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris but this time it’s taken the spring slot instead of summer. The season brings back much of what was offer last year including the Marvel: Super Hero’s United stage stage in the Studio Theatre and the Stark Expo on the outdoor stage in Production Courtyard as well as meet and greets with Marvel characters and the return of the marvel character statues but Disneyland Paris seem to have listen to the criticism from last year and improved everything about the season.

The Shows

Marvel: Super Hero’s United returns in the Studio Theatre and whilst the show follows the same plot as last year with Thanos manipulating the avengers to fight against each other many of the special effects that were the cause of so many issues last year have been improved or simplified to improve reliability. Lighting thought-out the theatre has been generally improved and now in the final battle scene each avenger has their own segment of fighting giving them a chance in the spot light.

Star Expo: Make Way For A Better Tomorrow has had the most radical change with almost a whole new plot involving Red Skull and Hydra with Loki attempting to steal the Arc Reactor from Black Widow, Spiderman and Thor and almost succeeding until Captain Marvel shows up.

Guardians of The Galaxy: Awesome Dance-Off! returns this year with pretty much everything the same as last year with with Peter Quill needing the help of guest to dance their way out of a bind to classic pop/funk/soul music. This year however a special care package has been sent to help in the form of Groot.

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